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Roll for Riches with Greedy Dice's Unique Dice Collection


The Default Dice are the classic building blocks of Greedy Dice gameplay. With simple black outlines and numbered faces, these dice offer a clean and straightforward option for players looking to focus on strategy and skill. Roll the Default Dice and let the competition begin!


The Rounded Dice offer a touch of elegance and sophistication to your Greedy Dice. With their smooth, curved edges and refined look, these dice set themselves apart from the standard default dice. Unlock the Rounded Dice after earning 150XP and add a touch of class to your gameplay.

Red Dot

The Red Dot Dice bring a bold new look to your Greedy Dice. With their sleek, hollow design and bright red dots to indicate the rolled value, these dice are sure to turn heads. Unlock the Red Dot Dice at 500XP and add a pop of color to your gameplay strategy.



The 8-Bit Dice take you back to the golden age of gaming with their retro, pixelated design. All black with bold, black numbers, these dice pay homage to the classic arcade games of the past. Unlock the 8-Bit Dice at 1000XP for a touch of nostalgia.



The Classic Dice harken back to the traditional look of tabletop gaming. With their crisp white faces and bold black numbers, these dice offer a timeless look to your Greedy Dice. Unlock the Classic Dice at 2500XP and add a touch of classic charm to your screen.



The Red Dice add a bold splash of color to your Greedy Dice experience. With their bright red faces and stark white numbers, these dice bring a playful energy to your gameplay. Unlock the Red Dice at 5000XP.



The Gold Dice are a symbol of mastery in Greedy Dice. With their retro, golden design, these dice are the ultimate reward for players who have put in the time and effort to climb the ranks. Unlock the Gold Dice at 10,000XP and show the world just how greedy you really are.



The Vice Dice are the ultimate prize for dedicated Greedy Dice players. With their ability to turn Snake Eyes into a winning roll, these dice give players a significant advantage in gameplay. Unlock the Vice Dice at 20,000XP and take your Greedy Dice experience to the next level. Please note, using the Vice Dice will not affect your rank or leaderboard scores, but they will be stored in a separate "Vice" high score that you can share with friends.

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